St. Andrews Church, Alleppey

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St. Andrews Church has its recorded history anchored in the 1500s. The Portuguese, who are said to have invaded the state during that period gave this establishment of thatched roof, a better structure with wood and stone.


Over time, the church grew in popularity and had to be reconstructed to accommodate the huge crowd of devotees visiting from various parts of the state and outside. The Feast of St. Sebastian is the most important festival of the church.


A history this massive is bound to attribute itself to a number of local legends and folklore, accordingly local customs are an integral part of worship. Some devotees walk along the beach in consecration and accept the whatever form of food or drinks they are offered by the locals.


Propagated to build a sense of servitude and humility, this custom has been practiced for ages now. It is situated at a distance of 25 km from Alleppey.


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