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Pandavan Rock, Alleppey


Pandavan Rock is the stage for the enactment of the hordes of mythological stories one might have heard from the ancient epic of Mahabharata. Legend has it that the Pancha Pandavas had made a home of this cave in their wanderings in the forests during their exile, making this, a mythological as well as a historical tourist spot.


The cave has, of course, changed its appearance to a tiny hillock with the passage of time; don't expect to find a hollow cave with its walls covered in pictographic script!


It is an ideal picnic spot for a pleasant evening with the family. It takes an easy climb to reach the top of the rock, unless one is old or otherwise abled, getting to the top isn't very challenging. And once there, the panoramic view is spectacular!


In fact, vantage points can be found throughout the climb. This place is easily reachable from Alleppey by bus, taxi or auto-rickshaw.


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