Edathua Church, Alleppey

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Edathua Church, also known as St. George Catholic Church or ‘Edathua Palli’ figures prominently in the map of pilgrimage centres for Christians. Situated on the banks of one of the tributaries of Pamba river, this abode of worship is as assuaging from its geographical location as it is in its architecture.


Almost two centuries old, the Edathua Church has a structure resembling that of the churches of medieval Europe. The annual fest held in the church has been attracting people from all over the state of Kerala as well as the neighbouring states.


In fact, it has been a prime reason for the economic upliftment of this area. The ten days long fest commences on the 27th of April and continues till the 7th of May. The graceful statue of St. George is ornamented in gold and brought to the center of the basilica to bless the devotees. Private taxis are available for hire to get to the church.


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