Champakulam Church, Alleppey

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Champakulam Church is the mother church of most of the churches of the Catholic Syrian descent in Kerala. It was built way back in 427 AD and has seen a number of structural changes in its centuries of existence. The rich experience of history that this church has had over starkly changing times, can be gathered from the many ancient rock inscriptions found around the church. They each tell a story of the church, and the circumstances of various eras this church has seen. One of such relics from the past is the Rock Cross, dated to about 1151 AD. The most important fest held here, is in the name of its patron, St. Joseph held on the 19th of March every year.

The annual fest is held on the third Sunday of October. It is 15 kilometers away from Alleppey mainland but can also be accessed through its backwaters in about an hour's time.


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