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Alibag Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Alibag

  • 01Kolaba (or Koulaba) Fort

    The Kolaba Fort should not be confused with the Colaba market that Mumbaikars are so fond of! Located close to the shores of Alibag, this historic fort is supposed to be the last fort to be established by the great Maratha Warrior Shivaji Maharaj, before his demise.

    At one point in time, the Kolaba Fort, also known as the Kulaba Fort, harboured a sweet-water well. There are several temples in the vicinity as well. One can notice carvings of animals like elephants and tigers on the entrance walls.

    The three centuries old fort can be walked to from the Alibag beach, in times of a low tide. The Archaeological Survey of India demands an entry fee to this rustic monument.

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  • 02Khanderi Fort

    Khanderi Fort

    The Khanderi Fort was constructed almost 320 years back in 1678. It came under the British rule for a brief period of time. It was handed over to them by the Peshwa Dynasty.

    Situated in Alibag, the fort is located 3 km from the Thai Beach, standing strong on a piece of small island. There is a lighthouse in the vicinity too.

    It is presently managed by the Bombay Port Trust Administration. The fort is open to visitors provided they get permission of access from the Bombay Port Trust.

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  • 03Alibag Beach

    The Alibag Beach – named after the town itself - is a must visit when you travel to Alibag. The Kolaba Fort is easily viewable from here.

    You will find the blackest possible sand in this beach. Like any other beach, it has food stalls where tourists can try local fast food recipes and enjoy coconut water while gazing into the sunset.

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  • 04Akshi Beach

    Akshi Beach

    The Akshi Beach is yet another beach attraction found near Alibag. Located around 5 km away from Alibag, the Akshi Beach is an exotic beach and consists of pure silver-white sand. The beach is popular as a location for ad and film shoots.

    This beach proves to be an absolute delight for kids who can wade into the water and enjoy their time. There are many food stalls that can be found here. A walk by the beach proves to be an extremely romantic option, while watching the sunset with your loved ones is a prime contender too!

    The small village of Akshi itself is a pleasure to visit. The local fishermen there are nothing but warm. The place is not as crowded and one can spend a quite evening exploring this quaint little town.

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  • 05Kihim - Nagaon Beach

    Kihim - Nagaon Beach

    The Kihim and Nagaon beaches are twin beaches located about 10 km from Alibag. The Kihim beach is lined with betel nuts and coconut trees and is home to rare species of birds and butterflies making for a pretty sight.

    There are a variety of woods that can be found in this region. The beaches are serene and beautiful and make for an attractive hangout amongst tourists and locals.

    The Nagaon beach is about 7 km away from Alibag and is quite like the Kihim beach, full of coconuts and betel nuts. An interesting fact is that the famous song ‘Sagar Kinaare Dil Ye Pukaare’ from the popular film Sagar was shot here, on this unpolluted, virgin beach.

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  • 06Kaneshwar Mandir

    Kaneshwar Mandir

    The Kaneshwar Devasthan (Temple) is a well-known Shiva Temple. It is located about 12 km away from Alibag and is situated at a height of a dizzying 900 ft, atop a hill. Worshippers and pilgrims set upon a journey of a 500 stairs-climb that takes them to the imposing deity of Lord Shiva. The temple was constructed by Raja Ramdev Yadav.

    The temple premises are beautifully done. It consists of several small temples dedicated to Sri Hanuman, Sri Balram Krishna and Sri Paleshwar. There’s also a Bheem Kunda – a flower garden – and a Nagaar Khana. A fair is organized on the auspicious event of Karthik Poornima annually here.

    The idol of Lord Shiv is close to 54 ft and a wonder to look at. Close by, there is a monumental sweet water tank that was built in black stone.

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  • 07Someshwar Temple

    Someshwar Temple

    The Someshwar Temple is a legendary temple in Alibag. It is located in the tiny village of Akshi, at a distance of 3 km from Alibag. The temple was made under the Satwahana legacy.

    The Someshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who also was revered as Someshwar. Legend has it that Lord Shiva once drank an ocean that was full of poison and converted it into nectar. Pilgrims throng this place to seek the Lord’s blessings.

    One can observe many shilas on their route to this temple. One of these shilas is situated close to the Deepastambh.

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  • 08Mandawa


    The Mandava Beach joins the league of unpolluted, virgin beaches that can capture anyone’s heart! It is located about 20 km to the north of Alibag.

    Several Bollywood celebrities own bungalows in this quiet little beach. Interestingly, the Gateway of India is visible in the far end from here. Alongside the beach is a tiny little village of Mandava, which has beautiful palm groves.

    There is a jetty that connects Mumbai to Mandawa. This beach should figure in your top five things to do while you’re at Alibag.

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