Rachi Group, Aihole

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Rachi Gudi, a trikutachala Shiva temple, is known to be constructed circa 11th century. This temple, which faces the West and stands on a high plinth, is suggested to all tourists passing through Aihole. The temple has three cells that are faced three different directions. On the outside wall, there are tiny niches with the images of Nataraja, Ganapathi and Vishnu. This temple has a portico that is placed on a raised platform and balanced by four central pillars, with Nandi sitting at the centre facing the temple.

Portico has kakshasanas with flat pillars and slanting roofs on three sides and can be reached from three entrances. The entrance of the hall is ornately embellished with Gajalakshmi sculpture on lintel and different floral and geometric designed doors. There are two perforated abhas at the southern wall of the portico. The carved temple miniature on the outside wall of the temple makes it more beautiful.

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