Ravana Phadi, Aihole

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It is suggested that travellers heading towards Aihole should visit Ravana Phadi, one of the oldest cave temples of the Aihole complex. This rectangular temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva, has a history that dates back to 6th century. The temple consists of two mantapas and a Shivalinga at the sanctum sanctorum or the inner room. Lined by carved pillars, this sanctum of this Shaivaite cave temple has a hall with three entrances.

There is a broken column that falls smoothly in line with entrance, which opens towards the South West. Free-standing temples are located on both sides of the sudden depressions that are created on a deep ledge of the cave. On the walls and at the sides of the shrine, tourists can see different figures like dancing Shiva. This temple has primarily depicts the deity in ornately crafted Nataraja dancing figures that are present amidst the Saptamatrikas.

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