Jain Meguti Temple, Aihole

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Jain Meguti Temple, one of the shrines belonging to Galaganatha Group of Temples, is situated on a hilltop in Aihole, on a raised platform. As per the inscriptions on the temple, this shrine was constructed in 634 AD by Ravikeerthi, a commander and minister of Pulakesin II. The temple remained unfinished; nevertheless, the carvings of this temple are more refined than those of other temples of that period. A huge idol of Lord Mahavira in a sitting posture and partially disfigured yet elegant figure of Goddess Ambika are enshrined inside the temple.

Currently, this temple, constructed without applying mortar, is in a devastated state, but displays Dravidian style of architecture. It is suggested that tourists should come to this temple in order to enjoy the beautiful view of more than 100 shrines. Initially, Jain Meguti Temple had a huge, pillared mukha mantapa, 16 columns porch, a superstructure that stands above the wall of the sanctum and the hall extension were also added later.

A set of stairs lead the visitors to a vast, pillared mukha mantapa. As the tourists head upstairs to the roof, they will notice that a shrine stands directly above the primary shrine of Jain Meguti Temple.

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