Meganagudi Group, Aihole

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Meganagudi, also known as Meguti, is a Jain Temple that showcases architecture of Dravadian style. Tourists visiting Aihole are suggested to visit this popular cluster of shrines, which includes ancient temples located at a small hillock dates back to 5th century. A natural cavern is present inside this two storied structure. Tourists can see a pillared hall and three cells behind the wall of hall on the first floor, while a verandah and square cell are present on the second floor. The central room of the temple acts as the shrine cell.

Behind the temple, an antarala and a sanctum with pradakshinapatha are present, whereas a pillared hall is located in front. The renowned Aihole inscription, which is assigned to 634 AD, is engraved on the outside wall. On the South East side of the temple, there is a small Jain cave, which has a wall, porch and sanctum. The sanctum has a figure of five-foot-tall Bahubali and carvings of Tirthankaras. A superstructure is present atop the sanctum, though it was added to the temple later. Another notable addition to the temple was the porch that has 16 columns.

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