Huchappayya Matha, Aihole

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Huchappayya Matha and Gudi is a temple devoted to Lord Shiva that is located on the western side of Aihole Village. Huchappayya Gudi was constructed in 8th century AD and has a mukhamantapa, a sanctum and Chalukya-style, curvilinear shikhara. This temple is quite unlike the Lad Khan Temple located in the vicinity in terms of architectural style.

The ceiling of the temple has 'trimurti' figures, Natraja image and 12th century inscriptions. There are detailed and beautiful carvings inside the temple along with numerous large square-shaped pillars that have beautiful engraved figures of couples. On the exterior walls of the temple, there are three niches with Narasimha. Huchappayya Matha & Gudi is gaining popularity among tourists and should be included by travellers going to Aihole if time permits.

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