Barkana Falls, Agumbe

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Barkana Falls, counted among the highest waterfalls in India, is at a height of 850 ft. This waterfall is located just 7 km from Agumbe, Shimoga District and originates from Seeta River that flows in this region. It is counted amongst the 'must see places' of the region by all those who visit Agumbe.

The name of the fall is derived from the word 'barka', a reference to the Mouse Deer that inhabits the region. Tourists need to undergo a steep trek from the Western Ghats via Gumbo Ghats to reach the fall. Moreover, tourists interested in reaching the waterfall on motorbike can use the motorable path that reaches Barkana Falls. The best time to visit this fall is early winter.

Tourists can see beautiful views of the Western Ghats and hill slopes from the Barkana View Point located in the proximity of the fall. This fall is surrounded with the dense Western Ghat forest and filled with a wide variety of flora, from bamboos to herbs. Apart from this fall, another major attraction of the forest is Guruji Plant. This plant is known to flourish once every 7 years and is said to indicate the onset of drought.

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