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Agumbe Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Agumbe

  • 01Barkana Falls

    Barkana Falls, counted among the highest waterfalls in India, is at a height of 850 ft. This waterfall is located just 7 km from Agumbe, Shimoga District and originates from Seeta River that flows in this region. It is counted amongst the 'must see places' of the region by all those who visit Agumbe.

    The name of the fall is derived from the word 'barka', a reference to the Mouse Deer that inhabits the region. Tourists need to undergo a steep trek from the Western Ghats via Gumbo Ghats to reach the fall. Moreover, tourists interested in reaching the waterfall on motorbike can use the motorable path that reaches Barkana Falls. The best time to visit this fall is early winter.

    Tourists can see beautiful views of the Western Ghats and hill slopes from the Barkana View Point located in the proximity of the fall. This fall is surrounded with the dense Western Ghat forest and filled with a wide variety of flora, from bamboos to herbs. Apart from this fall, another major attraction of the forest is Guruji Plant. This plant is known to flourish once every 7 years and is said to indicate the onset of drought.

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  • 02Jogigundi Falls

    This waterfall begins from a small pond where the water of Malapahaari River is collected. Later, the pond water merges with Tunga River while crossing the valley. Over the years, water going through this region carved a 50 feet deep cave and, now, the water flowing in Jogigundi Falls passes through this cave.

    Jogigundi Falls is situated approximately 3 km from Agumbe; three-fourth of the total distance can be covered on a vehicle, while the rest has to be trekked. The locals believed that a jogi (saint) used to meditate inside the cave that is located in the proximity of the fall and thus named it Jogigundi Falls.

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  • 03Onake Abbi Falls

    Onake Abbi Falls is among the popular tourist attractions located in Agumbe, Shimoga, Karnataka. The first part of the name 'Onake' is a Kannada word that refers a pounding stick, used to measure the weight grains in villages.

    It is located approximately 8 km away from Agumbe by trekking. This waterfall can be reached easily through a path that is lined with steps that lead to the top of the cascade. From the top of the cascade, tourists can enjoy a spectacular view of the waterfall and the stream.

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  • 04Koodlu Theertha Falls

    Koodlu Theertha Falls

    Koodlu Theertha Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls situated in the middle of Western Ghats. It is a beautiful fall that is on the must see list of all tourists headed to Agumbe or even Shimoga district. This waterfall cascades from the height of 126 ft in the pond and is known to be the source of the Seeta River.

    Tourists can visit this waterfall after trekking for about 3 to 4 km. As per the legends, the pond is considered to be holy, since many sages used to perform penance here many years ago.

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  • 05Kunchikal Falls

    Kunchikal Falls

    Kunchikal Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in India and the highest tiered waterfall of the country with a height of around 1493 ft. Located in Agumbe, Shimoga, this waterfall is formed by the River Varahi and is the main source of one of Karnataka's hydro electric projects.

    The tributaries of River Varahi create several seasonal falls in the nearby forest during the monsoons. The sight of many smaller waterfalls surrounding the magnanimous Kunchikal Falls is magnificent. The natural beauty of this waterfall makes it a popular tourist attraction of the region.

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