Purbasa, Agartala

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Tripura is famous for its handicrafts and handloom products. In fact, the state is believed to produce some of the best bamboo work in the country and is in high demand. The Tripura Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation (THHDC) are the central repository of all the art-work related to handloom and handicrafts in the state. Also known as Purbasa, the THHDC is the state repository of all art-work.

Having a distinctive blend of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic cultures, the bamboo and cane work of Tripura is different. The THHDC brings out more than 200 different varieties of handicraft products with over 10,000 skilled artisans engaged in the work. The artisans specialise specially in interior decoration bringing out a wide range of false ceilings, pot containers, plaques, panels and partitions. Each item has an intricate design and brilliant use of cane or bamboo.

A visit to Purbasa gives tourists a glimpse of the magnificent artwork of Tripura.

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