Umamaheswar temple, Agartala

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Housed inside the large Ujjayanta Palace complex, the Umamaheswar Temple is one of the many temples to be found in the palace’s premises. It is a Hindu temple following the Shiva and Shakti tradition. Umamaheswar is another name of Goddess Durga.

Similar to most of the temples in Tripura, the Umamaheswar Temple also resembles the architecture of Bengal. The temple is predictably coloured orange (similar to many such temples found in Bengal). Looking at the architecture of the Umamaheswar Temple it can be said that Tripura is probably the only North Eastern state to have so much in common with Hinduism.

In the backdrop of the temple, the Ujjayanta Palace, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Agartala, can be seen. It magnifies the beauty of the temple and the temple seems to perfectly blend with the background. The green lawns at the front also adds up to the beauty.

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