Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Agartala

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The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is located 35 kilometres from Agartala and is famous for its greenery and abundant landscape. It is spread over 18.5 sq. kms and is home to migratory birds and animals.

The wildlife sanctuary was built in the year 1972 and over the years has gained the popularity of being a famous tourist destination. It is believed that as many as 150 species of birds have been spotted here, many of which are migratory birds. Apart from the wilderness, the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary also has a deer park and lakes.

The wildlife sanctuary is divided into five sections, basically to segregate the different types of animals living here. They are the carnivores section, primate section, ungulate section, reptile section and aviary section. The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary also has two natural lakes, namely Abasarika and Amrit Sagar both of which have boating facilities. There is also a rest house within the sanctuary.


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