Children's Park, Agartala

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The Children’s Park located in Sakuntala Road is a prime location, not just for children to play and have fun but also for exhibitions and parties. The park is spread over a large area and has played host to several events for the city.

Annual exhibitions are held in the Children’s Park for every possible thing such as gift items, lighting, accessories etc. International trade fairs are also held in the Children’s Park. Fairs related to clothing, agriculture and even weddings are very common in the Children’s Park. The Tripura government utilizes the ground for promoting the rich art and culture of the state too.

Since the Children’s Park is located within the city, it is easy to reach the place on buses and taxis. There are numerous buses plying on this route and tourists can easily board them. If you get lucky you can also attend one of the many international trade fairs that are regularly held here.

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