Akhaura Border, Agartala

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Tripura is a border state and Agartala lies in the fringes of the country. The Akhaura Border, as the name suggests, divides India and Bangladesh. It is the gateway to all activities between the two places. It handles the largest tourist thoroughfare from the neighbouring country.

Before Indian independence and division of India and Bangladesh, there was a regular train service between Agartala and east Bengal. The railway service served as a lifeline to the people of this part of the country. While before independence Tripura could be easily reach via present-day Bangladesh, after 1947 a longer National Highway via Assam had to be constructed for the purpose.

Today Akhaura Border is the place where international trade takes place boosting the economy of the state largely. The border also serves as a legal entry to and from Bangladesh. Tourists can visit the Akhaura Border to witness the routine border parade.


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