Agartala City Centre, Agartala

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The Agartala city centre lies in the heart of the city and holds the nerve of the place. Being a planned city, the city centre comes across an impeccably clean area with strings of shop on both sides of the road. Since Agartala is the second largest city in north east India, lots of multinational brands and big stores are opening shop here. The result is that the city centre is always bustling with activity. The most prominent one is the main shopping mall and the office of the Agartala Municipal Council.

Very recently, Agartala’s city centre was literally illuminated in a manner not many cities can boast of. A 50-kilowatt capacity solar power plant has been installed for lighting up the city centre. The power project is one of its kind as once it is completed Agartala’s city centre will be known as the country’s first solar city.

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