St. George Orthodox Church, Adoor

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 St. George Orthodox Church, situated in the Chandanapally village, is around 13 away km from the town of Adoor. Originally built in the year of 1810, this church is regarded as one of the biggest churches in South India. The church takes its name from St. George who is the patron saint of England. Since its original construction the church underwent multiple renovations.

Indo-Saracenic sculptures are used in the latest renovation. The church is an architectural marvel as it follows Christian, Muslim and Hindu structures. Its towers are built in Gothic style, and the roofs follow Persian patterns. The latest structure of St. George Orthodox Church is built replicating the St. Peter's Basilica of Rome. The chief attraction of the church is a stone cross (Kalkurish) on which images of saints and angels are carved. A holy festival named Chembuduppu, celebrated during the month of May, attracts travelers to this spot.




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