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Because of its tropical climate, the weather in Adoor goes to extremes. Summer season is characterized by intense heat and monsoons arrive with heavy rains. Both these seasons are not appropriate for a visit. The best time to visit Adoor is from the month of October till January.


Summers commence in the town of Adoor from the month of February and continue till the end of May. The season is extremely hot, and temperatures go as high as 31°C. Because of the intense heat, summer is not a good time to visit and should be preferably avoided.


Monsoons start in Adoor from the month of June and continue till September. The town receives heavy rain fall as it comes under the direct influence of South West Monsoon. Showers are extended for about four full months. The months of June and July are best avoided because of the heavy showers.


Winter season starts in Adoor as early as October, and it is prolonged till the month of January. The temperatures during this season vary from 25°C to 28°C. North East monsoon causes mild rainfall even during the winter. The climatic conditions in winter are moderate and mild.