Sreenarayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple, Adoor

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 Sreenarayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple is a religious spot in Adoor which has great spiritual significance. This temple is located 5 km from the town of Adoor in a small yet scenic village named Manankala. Sreenarayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple is an ancient shrine, the presiding deity of which is Lord Vishnu.

The temple attracts devotees from all over Kerala during its festival season. The most celebrated festival of the temple is the Dasavatarachartu festival. This festival lasts for 10 days and is held annually. During the festival a different avatar of Lord Vishnu from Dasavatara is worshiped on every day. Sreenarayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple gathers huge attention from devotees for it is one of the few temples in Kerala that observes the Dasavatarachartu festival. The temple enjoys a calm and serene ambience and a visit to this temple can be spiritually rejuvenating.


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