Langudi Hills, Udayagiri

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Langudi Hills is a small hill in the Jajpur District, about 90 km away from Mahanadi delta. A beautiful River Kelua that flows across the hill and plains renders the hill picturesque beauty. Apart from being a scenic location, it houses the rarest Buddha sculpture of Odisha. The main attraction of this place is the 34 stupas made by cutting rocks which were excavated from this place. Along with this, the half smiling Buddha in the ‘Samadhi Mudra’ and various other postures contribute to the heavy influx of tourism in Langudi hills.

This site has become a preserved location by the Archeological Survey of India. Apart from this, several other extra ordinary sculptures of Hindu Goddesses are also present. The finest sculpture done on the rocks to carve out the beautiful deity ‘Tara’ with a smiling face and a body heavily ornamented, is a sight to marvel. Another rock cut image of ‘Prajnaparamita’ holding a lotus in one hand, indicates the prevalence of female cult during the ancient and medieval period.

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