Lalitgiri, Udayagiri

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Lalitgiri, along with Udayagiri and Ratnagiri form the ‘Pushpa University’ or the ‘Diamond Triangle’ which is home to one of the earliest Buddha Complexes ever found. Located at a distance of 27 km from Udayagiri, the main attraction of this place is the museum which treasures the relic casket containing the bones of Gautam Buddha and other ancient archeological excavations which date back to 1st Century AD.

Apart from several Buddha statues of different postures, statues of several Hindu Gods and Goddesses, several antique ornaments of gold and silver were also found which are now kept for public display. The apex of this sandstone hill houses the ruins of a brick monastery, series of votive stupas, chaitya hall and a renovated stone stupa on the backdrop of a vast green fields. Currently under the protection of Archeological Survey of India, Lalitgiri also houses the extensive ruins of a temple which is heavily sculpted.

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