Khandagiri Caves, Udayagiri

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Khandagiri caves are situated adjacent to the Udayagiri caves at a distance of around 15 to 20 metre. It can be reached through a flight of steps and the caves are ready to take the visitors on a ride to the glorious bygone era. It has 15 caves in total, mainly built for the residential purpose of the Jain monks.  Some 2000 years old, these caves bear several inscriptions and sculptures on their walls.

Embellished with several rock cut paintings and exquisite motifs these caves can easily impress visitors. On top of this majestic hill there is a beautifully carved and sculpted Jain Temple, which dates back to 18th century. In late January every year, many holymen gather here to recite verses from the Hindu Epics and also to meditate. A fair also comes up in the same time to attract a huge crowd.

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