Kalyan Sagar, Udaipur-Tripura

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Kalyan Sagar is a large lake on the side of Tripura Sundari Temple. The lake is spread over more than five acres, and its length is 224 yards while its width is 160 yards. The lake was dug up 124 years after the Tripura Sundari Temple was set up. It dates back to the time of Maharaja Kalian Manikya in the year 1501.

Many kinds of fish and aqua species can be found in the Kalyan Sagar Lake. Many rare species of tortoise are found in the lake while it is home to fishes too. While fishing is prohibited in the lake, devotees visiting the temple offer puffed rice and biscuit to the fishes.

The Lake doesn’t just help beautify the temple area, but it is also believed to be sacred by the devotees. The Kalyan Sagar Lake is one of the many lakes in Udaipur that makes it the lake city.

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