Udaipur-Tripura Weather

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Like most of Tripura, Udaipur too witnesses a hot and humid weather for the most part of the year.


Summers in Udaipur gets quite uncomfortable with humidity increasing and temperatures soaring. The summer starts by March and lasts till the end of May and early June. The maximum temperature recorded in Udaipur is 35 degrees Celsius. The humidity makes it difficult to travel around and isn’t the best time to travel to the lake city.


The monsoon months in Udaipur are from May up to October. The south-west monsoons results in rainfall in Udaipur and it starts from mid-May. If you want to visit Udaipur during the monsoons, you have to carry umbrellas with you.


Winters are mild in Udaipur like most of Tripura. The minimum temperature recorded in Udaipur is 7 degrees Celsius. Light woollens as protection are enough to safeguard oneself from the winters here. The winter months lasts from October end to February. It is one of the best times to visit Udaipur.