The living stones of Tuensang, Tuensang

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If you want to know about the legends of Nagas in Tuensang the village of Longtrok is the place to be., Longtrok literally translates to 'six stones' as there you will come across six stones or the Sangtams which the Nagas believe to be the personification of their ancient Holy Gods who gave birth to other stones which moved to different places. Today this is popularly known as the Living Stones of Tuensang.

Here, you will witness objects of the Tsongliyangti and Chungliyangti civilisations. The place is located 57 kilometers from the town of Tuensang, and this is the place where you will come across the roots of the Ao tribe, one of the largest Naga tribes who have walked these mountains for generations. This place gives you a glimpse into the lives and the times of the Nagas when they lived as one big family.


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