» »Why Kendujhar In Odisha Makes For A Beautiful Getaway

Why Kendujhar In Odisha Makes For A Beautiful Getaway

We all know Odisha is an unexplored state in India. Despite harbouring the best of natural beauties and housing the gems of Indian history, it has still not gained recognition all over the country. Even though its age-old temples and other pilgrimage sites of Bhubaneswar and Puri are immensely popular amongst tourists, there are still hundreds of places within its boundaries which are to be explored. How about getting yourself to one such unexplored hidden place in Odisha?

If you would love to take up this expedition of unveiling the beauty of Odisha, then you must plan a trip to Kendujhar, a beautiful district which is home to hills, waterfalls and temples. Read on to know more about its tourist spots and how to reach it.

Best Time To Visit Kendujhar

Kendujhar lies in a belt of the extreme type of climate, and hence summers are very hot here. Therefore, it is not a preferred destination during the summer season. The best time to visit Kendujhar is from October until the end of March. During this period, the weather is favourable.

The Location And Surroundings Of Kendujhar

Kendujhar a beautiful district in the state of Odisha and is surrounded by lush green hills and dense forests. However, it is mainly popular as the land of mineral resources and is highly rich in deposits of iron and magnesium ores.

Otherwise called Keonjhar, this unexplored district is also home to some of the oldest rock formations in the world. As per historical records, the district has been in existence since the advent of the Common Era and the presence of age-old temples and other ancient sites proves this fact. Kendujhar is also known for its centuries-old culture and traditions which are still in practise.


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Why You Should Visit Kendujhar

Kendujhar is an ideal place where one can relax amidst natural expanse, take a stroll through historical aisles and laze by the soothing environment of waterfalls. As it is an unexplored and unknown place, it maintains an unpolluted atmosphere, which will certainly rejuvenate you.

The major waterfalls here include Murga Mahadev Waterfall, Sanaghaghara Waterfall and Badaghaghara Waterfall. You can also visit the serene village of Deogaon, which is home to several ancient sites, such as Kushaleshwar Temple, and is settled on the banks of Kusei river.

Gonasika is another tourist place here which is a famous as a religious site and is surrounded by beautiful hills. So, when you are getting such an amazing deal to make your weekend memorable, why refrain from planning a trip to Kendujhar?

How To Reach Kendujhar

By Air: If you are looking forward to travelling by air, then the best way is to take a direct flight to Bhubaneswar airport and then from there, a cab or bus to Kendujhar. The distance between the airport and Kendujhar is 185 km. Therefore, it will take you an approximate time of 5 h to reach your destination from the airport.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Kendujhar is Jajpur Keonjhar railway station at a distance of about 115 km. From the station, you can hire a direct cab or bus to your destination.

By Road: Kendujhar has a good network of roads, and hence it can be easily accessed by road.

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