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7 Water Adventures To Try On Your Summer Vacation With Your Soul Mate

Many newlyweds, especially adventurous duos often take their intrepid spirits with them after they have tied the knot. And for such fearless souls, a honeymoon in a quaint hill station or winter destination is never a travel option. Instead of a laidback vacation, more and more newlyweds are choosing travel packages that involve adrenaline-pumping activities, notably water activities and sports.

For all the couples who wish to add some thrill and adventure to their mundane travel itinerary, we have compiled the best list for you. Here are 7 water adventures to try on your Summer vacation in India; that is sure to generate pulsating experience.

1. Hugli River - Cruise Trip


A romantic night cruise the upstream Ganges will take you along the River Hugli, which flows from Farakka on the main river down to Kolkata. The cruise provides you with much-required privacy for an intimate journey. As well as sightseeing of Kolkata and the best of European colonies, while floating along the river, makes it worthwhile. The journey continues towards Murshidabad, once the capital of the Nawabs of Bengal, and then to the medieval Islamic capital of Gaur. The highlight of the journey is untouched Bengali terracotta temples.

From breakfast to drinks, this cruise trip offers anything to everything and is one of the best water activities to indulge in for couples.

2. Kumarakom Backwater - Kayaking


If you like a laid-back water pursuit unlike the adrenaline-pumping water sports like rafting or scuba diving, You can visit Kerala for the best kayaking experience in the backwaters. Kumarakom is one of many backwaters in Kerala, where Kayaking is not just a water sport, but a way of life. Kayaking offers a high degree of mobility to explore narrow channels, where conventional boats cannot even think of going.

It is one of those activities that will keep your heart beast steady, while you embrace nature in total peace and serenity. You and your partner can spend a romantic time, manoeuvring along the backwaters on the canoe, amid scenic beauty without any hindrance from urban callings. Therefore, Kayaking is one of the best water activities to partake for couples in India.

3. Bheemeshwari - Rafting


Give a break to hill stations and go for an adrenaline-pumping trip on the banks of the Cauvery river, with breathtaking surroundings and rustic charm. The spectacular view of green rolling hill and remote villages on both sides provides a deserved hype to the much talked about Bheemeshwari trip. Bheemeshwari is a unique and beautiful destination for an adventure vacation. If nothing else, you'll have those Insta pics.

4. Bhagirathi River - River Rafting


This adventure is for you if you are looking for a great river run for a weekend. With beautiful villages and arduous gorges, rafting here offers you a real white water rafting experience. This destination is perfect for couples looking for a quiet weekend getaway from mundane work life. Also, you can partake in Kayaking for a fantastic trip. Enjoy a dash of adventure on the River Bhagirathi, while you have exceptional time river rafting with your mate.

5. Rishikesh - River Rafting


The Ganges is the holy river that acts as a source to millions of people in India. However, Rishikesh, situated on the banks of the Ganges, is a famous water hotspot for adventure seekers. Rishikesh is also famed as the adventure capital of India. Tens and thousands of people from across the world visit Rishikesh to be a part of the best river rafting experience.

Offering basic to advanced rafting routes, this water adventure hotspot is an ideal place for beginners and experienced to enjoy the symphony of the river. Brahmapuri, Marine drive, Shivpuri, and Kaudiyala are a few popular points to partake in river-rafting. Apart from river rafting, the hotspot also offers body surfing and Kayaking

6. Zanskar River - White River Rafting


White river rafting is one of the popular water adventure sport in the world. And Zanskar River located near Ladakh is one of the best places to indulge in some of the best white river rafting experience in India. White River Rafting along the Zanskar lake offers you a first-hand view of the mountains on one side and monasteries on the other, embracing beauty with an extreme adrenaline rush.

Get an adrenaline kick on the turbulent rapids of the Zanskar River and get wet and wild in the chilling water together with your mate for a beautiful trip.

7. Andaman - Scuba Diving And Snorkelling


This pristine island is one of the exotic destinations in the world. Blessed with crystal clear beaches, diverse marine life, tranquil ambience and laidback environs, Andaman, an island of charm, beats all in the race of coastal destinations. Scuba Diving, underwater walk and snorkelling are the most partaken water activities by couples in India. If you are a beginner, fret not! Many institutions in Andaman are open to teaching the art of scuba diving.

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