» »Warangal in Telangana- A place where History, Architecture and Natural charm meets

Warangal in Telangana- A place where History, Architecture and Natural charm meets

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Warangal in Telangana- A walk through the laurels and ruins of Kakatiyas!

Warangal offers connoisseurs of art and architecture. In 'Book of the Marvels of the World' ,a travelogue written by the great traveller Marco Polo, he speaks highly of Warangal and the Kakatiya reign. During the reign of Kakatiyas, Telugu culture and literature attained sublime heights. Some of the finest forms of Indian architecture can be seen even today in the ruins of this once illustrious empire. A travel through these ruins will give you a detail on the glorious past of Indian art and architecture. And the nature here seems to be in sync with its glorious history.

Warangal Fort

Kakatiya Kala Thoranam or The four Ornamental gates
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Warangal district is located in the northern region of the Indian state of Telangana. Warangal was the capital of Kakatiya dynasty from 12th to the 14th centuries and hence sports an illustrious paradigm of their art and architecture. Warangal, also known as Orugallu (One Stone), was carved out of a single rock. The Kakatiyas left many monuments, including impressive fortress, four massive stone gateways, the Swayambhu temple dedicated to Shiva, and the Ramappa temple situated near Ramappa Lake. Let's have a look at some of the must go places in and around Warangal.

Warangal Fort

Warangal fort

Warangal fort ruins
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The magnificent Warangal Fort built in the 13th century is well known for it's geometrical intricacies. The fort has four ornamental gates  known as Kakatiya Kala Thoranam, that originally formed the entrances to a now ruined great Shiva temple. It also has beautifully carved arches, 45 towers and imposing pillars- all located in a radius of 19 km.

Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand pillar temple

Thousand pillar temple 
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One of the most famous monuments of Andhra- Telangana region, the Thousand Pillar temple located in Hanamkonda reflects the Chalukyan style of temple architecture. The star shaped shrine dedicated to Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya exhibits perforated stone screens, luxuriously carved icons, scrupulously designed pillars, rock-cut elephants and a six feet high monolithic Nandi which are all testimony to the brilliance of Kakatiya architecture.

Ramappa Temple

Warangal in Telengana

Ramappa Temple 
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Ramappa temple located 70 km from Warangal is an example of sheer architectural beauty. The Kakatiya rulers also constructed a lake adjacent to it which candidly complements the scenic beauty of the place and provides a mystical air to it's serene surroundings.

Pakhal lake

Warangal in Telengana

Pakhal lake 
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Pakhal Lake, situated amidst undulating forest land hills and dales is a popular retreat for the tourists. A trip to Warangal is is never complete without a layover at the elegant and charming Pakhal lake. Situated at about 70 km from Warangal, the moonlight nights on the shores of this lake are heavenly. The Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to species like tiger, leopard, panther and sambhar encrusts this lake.

Laknavaram lake

Laknavaram lake is another lake in the vicinity of Warangal. Located at about 80 km from Warangal , it is spread over an area of 10000 acres and has about 13 islands in it. A 160 metre long hanging bridge connects three islands among them. It also boasts of rich fauna.

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, one among the many splendid wildlife reserves Telangana has, is situated at a distance of 100 km from Warangal along the banks of Godavari river. The shady environs of the sanctuary , with forest draping low hills, is a perfect option for hedonic holiday makers.

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Warangal is easily accessible by road from Hyderabad and Vijayawada. Regular bus services are there from all major cities nearby.

Accommodation : Comfortable accommodation is available in Warangal. The city has both economic and luxury hotels.

Why waiting? Take a grandeur tour through the prepossessing and historical Warangal and relive the Glory of the Kakatiyas!

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