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Visit to the Unique Thread Garden in Ooty

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You must have visited gardens of medicinal plants, aromatic spices and even ones with various species of a particular plant like the rose gardens. Have you ever been to a garden where the flowers are woven and the whole garden is made of thread?!

Ooty, one of the best tourist destinatiosn in India, has a lot to boast about. From the pleasant weather to its scenic views and homemade chocolates, the place does not stop to amaze a traveller. Let us take a virtual tour to the Thread Garden in Ooty, where the flowers are not from the plants grown in soil, but from the hands that weave them!

thread garden

This artificial plant kingdom is the first of its kind in the world. Located opposite to the Boat House in Ooty, this place has a beautiful display of plants, flowers and lawns that are fabricated completely using thread. The masterbrain behind this concept is Mr. Antony Joseph, who hails from Thrissur in Kerala.

This amazing plant kingdom has models of plants and flowers from various parts of the world, making it a colourful treat to the eyes. All these are made using a unique hand-wound embriodery that was invented by Antony. Antony, and his 50 trained employees, took around 12 years to complete the thread garden that we see today.

As you enter the garden, all you see is a lot of colours woven to perfection in the forms of flowers, buds, leaves, plamts and lawns. Though they look far bright than natural flora, they need to be well maintained so that the beauty is preserved.

thread garden

Tourists visit this interesting place from various parts of the world. The Thread Garden has its mention in several books of records like the India Book of Records, Unique World Records and the Tamil Nadu Book of Records as the first thread garden in the world.

You not only can enjoy the hypnotising beauty of these flowers, you can also buy the ones that are sold here near the exit of the garden. Since they are to be kept away from dust and other harmful elements, they are encased in glass cases, and have to be dealt with care.

Visit this unique attraction in Ooty along with these places that the place boasts of! Happy travelling!

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