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» »Ganapathi Bappa Moriya: A Soul-Stirring Trip to Vinayaka Temple in Idagunji

Ganapathi Bappa Moriya: A Soul-Stirring Trip to Vinayaka Temple in Idagunji

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

The naughty, powerful, witty Lord Ganesha is unique even in his looks. For Hindus, any good work should start with Ganesha's worship! Be it a new vehicle or any new work, it begins only after Lord Ganapathi's blessings. Such is the affection and belief rendered on him.

We find several Ganapati Temples across India, each has its legends and prominence. In this article, let us know the importance of Sree Vinayaka Temple in Idagunji.

Vinayaka Temple Idagunji

Idagunji Temple
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

The charming village of Idagunji on the banks of Sharavathi allures around 1 million devotees every year. Yes, that is the power of Idagunji Ganesha! Legend had it that the Lord promised to protect this land and decided to stay here forever.

Idagunji Temple

The sculpture of Dwibhuja (two-shouldered) Ganesha with two hands is the star of Idagunji. The shrine with 1500-years old history calls for attention. The black stone idol of Ganesha in standing posture occupies the sanctum. He is holding a lotus in one hand and his favourite modaka in the another. One look at him raises devotion towards this beautifully crafted idol. Many have experienced the power of Idagunji Ganesha, and hence it is one of the prominent Ganesha Temples in West Coast.

Timings of Idagunji Temple

Idagunji Ganapati Temple is open to public from morning 6 AM to 1 PM and again reopens from 3 PM to 8.30 PM. Devotees can witness Abhisheka (holy bath) given to the Lord during 7 AM to 11 PM.

Vinayaka Temple Idagunji

Idagunji Temple Lane
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

Legend of Idagunji

Mythology has a good role in popularising a place. Idagunji also has an interesting legend!

Lord Krishna was about to leave the earth at the end of Dwapara Yuga (third Hindu mythological era). It was devastating news for all the sages and commoners as the world will be left unguarded. So the great sages decided to perform penances to Lord Krishna to safeguard the earth during the Kali Yuga (4th mythological era).


Bali Peetha at Idagunji
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

Sage Valakhilya began his sacrificial rituals in a forest called Kunjavana on the banks of Sharavathi river. Unfortunately, his rituals got disturbed by the demons. So, they seek a solution from the great sage Narada. He advised them to worship Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. Upon agreement of all the sages they invite Lord Ganapati and the Trinities for the sacrificial rituals.

The Trinities along with Lord Ganesha come to Kunjavana to take part in the rituals where Lord Ganapathi was worshipped with divine offerings and created a pond named Devathirtha. Impressed by the honour and sincerity, Lord Ganesha decided to stay back at Kunjavana forever. This Kunjavana later came to be known as Idagunji, which isnow considered to be a sacred place.

Vinayaka Temple Idagunji

A Shop at Idagunji
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

Facilities in Idagunji Ganesha Temple

Panchakhadya is the special prasadam (offering) given to Lord. Apart from the special poojas, pilgrims can have food at noon in Mayur Prasada Bhojanalaya (temple dining hall). A hall for functions like marriage, upanayana and chaula (hair-cutting ceremony) is available at Idagunji Temple. A few accommodations are also available in the temple premises. You can contact the temple management to get clarifications on bookings.

There are many other restaurants in and around the temple complex.


Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

Not to miss: You would find small shacks that sell cucumber sprinkled with chilli powder on it and the butter milk in one of the hotels in the complex.

Parking facility and toilet facilities are available within the temple complex.

How to Reach Idagunji

Idagunji is located between Murudeshwara and Honnavar. It is around 68km from Gokarna and 19km from Murudeshwara.

By Bus: Several buses from Honnavar, Sirsi and Kumta are available to reach Idagunji. However, it is better to arrange for private vehicles for the journey as you can cover other places in the vicinity.

By Train: Honnavar is around 15km from Idagunji. Honnavar Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Idagunji.

Six Famous Ganesha Temples in the West Coast

The 6 famous Ganesha Temples in the West Coast are Madhur Ganapathy Temple in Kasaragod, Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple in Mangalore, Sri Maha Ganapati at Anegudde, Hattiangadi Siddi Vinayaka Temple in Kundapura, Idagunji Vinayaka Temple and Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple at Gokarna. Interestingly, the West Coast is also called as 'Ganesha Coast'.


Kudle Beach
Photo Courtesy: Happyshopper

Tourist Places Around Idagunji

Murudeshwara (19km), Apsarakonda (12km), Gokarna (68km), Honnavar (15km) and Bhatkal (30km) are some of the best tourist places around Idagunji.

Idagunji is a small village surrounded by lush greenery. It is one of serene and holy places to visit in Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka. Do visit Idagunji Vinayaka Temple and please the Lord by offering Panchakhadya!

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