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Utsav Rock Garden: As Real As it Can!

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We would have seen life-sized models of famous personalities and animals in various museums. Isn't it exciting to see the exact replicas of well-known people, animals and so on. Here at Utsav Rock Garden, there are sculptures depicting the rural life and the life of people during the pre-independence era! The whole place looks jubilant with colourful art sculptures that makes it so real.

Utsav Rock Garden:

Photo Courtesy: ShwetaW

Utsav Rock Garden in Haveri is the brain-child of Sree.T. Solabakkanavar, a renowned artist with an international acclaim. The idea is to show case the rural lifestyle, village surroundings and take you to an era of pre-independent India.

What to See in Utsav Rock Garden?

The name 'Utsav' itself indicates to the 'festival' or celebration of art!

Right from the entrance gate, you will see the magic of art. A completely different world comes into picture as you enter through these interesting gates of Utsav Rock Garden.

Utsav Rock Garden:

Photo Courtesy: utsavrock.com

Life-sized models of famous Kannada actor Dr.Rajkumar's sculptures create an exciting feel as we enter inside this art garden. The replicas of his characters in several movies like Bedara Kannappa (a tribal man), Satya Harishchandra ( a king), Santa Tukaram (a saint), etc. can be seenin the gallery.

Moving further, you will find a village setting that looks very similar to the rural arena of North Karnataka. The Gowda's (chief of the village) house, a farm field with the farmer and the oxen ploughing the field, a cattle shed with the cattle, folk transportation (like bullock carts), village setting with local people and a village market can all be seen which takes you to the rural life!

Utsav Rock Garden:

Photo Courtesy: utsavrock.com

The rock garden not only showcases a rural setting but also the occupations (potter, goldsmith, school teacher, tailor), farming methods and artisans (art and craft of North Karnataka).

Utsav Rock Garden also comprises of contemporary archetypes like a marriage hall with a bride and a groom along with the photographers which catch the intricacies of life, Garden area, artistic banyan tree, animal world and glass garden are the other interesting tourist attractions in the Utsav Rock Garden.

Utsav Sculpture Garden is a place which not only captures the folk culture and setting but also the modern setup. The models of tourists with their families, tourists boating in the lake, etc. depict the newer times.

Utsav Rock Garden:

Life-Sized Model of an Ox
Photo Courtesy: utsavrock.com

Hence, this one-of-its-kind open art gallery and an unforgettable experience as these life-sized prototypes look very similar to real humans and animals. The art truly touches the heart of every visitor. The garden is not only for the art lovers but people of all age groups. Kids, adults, art lovers, folk art enthusiasts and so on.

Interesting Facts about Utsav Rock Garden

  • The founder Prof. T. B. Solabakkanavar is the recipient of many awards like Karnataka Rajyotsava Award, Karnataka Lalitakala Academy Honarary Award and so on.
  • Utsav Rock Garden is a unique gallery with indoor and outdoor museum.
  • The sculptures are of international standards because they are hand-made art using materials like cement and paint. This form of carvings are rare and fascinating.
  • Utsav Rock Garden has bagged 8 prestigious awards till date.
  • Sri Prakash Dasanur of Dasanur group joined hands with the Prof. T.B. Solabakkanavar in promoting the rock garden in the international level. It helped this art gallery to grab the attention of thousands of people.

Utsav Rock Garden:

Traditional Farming - image 5
Photo Courtesy: ShwetaW

Facilities Inside Utsav Rock Garden

  • Tea Stall
  • Bakery
  • Eatery (North Karnataka Roti Meals)
  • Toilets
Rock garden
School Children on a picnic
Photo Courtesy: utsavrock.com

How to Reach Utsav Rock Garden

Utsav Rock Garden is located in Shiggaon taluk around 40km from the town of Haveri. It is situated at Gotgodi on the NH4 in Haveri District.

Utsav Rock Garden is about 40km from the city of Hubli. It is easily accessible by road, bus or local transport.

So, don't miss out on one of the most beautiful and interesting art villages in India. Utsav Rock Garden is a rejuvenating experience for every visitor.

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