» »A Trek to Siachen Glacier With the Indian Army!

A Trek to Siachen Glacier With the Indian Army!

By: Akshatha Vinayak

Dare a trek to Siachen Glacier along with the Indian Army? Not all can get the opportunity to explore the world's highest battleground. For those who are interested can check this out!

What was just a mountain glacier until 1984 turned into a battleground! At about 18,000 ft high above the sea level, the real battle is with the extreme weather conditions more than the enemies.

Khardung La pass

Khardung La Pass connecting Siachen Glacier
Photo Courtesy: Priyambada Nath

We, the commoners, can't even resist the cold weather below 10 degrees. Just imagine guarding a region in -50º c! Well, our Indian soldiers haven't left this glacier from the time of Siachen war with Pakistan. However, more soldiers have died on both sides due to the natural calamities than the battle.

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Here is a great opportunity for those who love extreme adventures; a trek to Siachen Glacier, that too with the help of the Indian Army. It is an annual trekking expedition organised by the Indian Army where 45 civilians are selected.

Siachen Glacier

A Board dedicated to Army Men who were part of Siachen Conflict
Photo Courtesy: Abhishek Kumar

Although many other clubs host such expeditions, they are not allowed after a certain point. In this trek, the civilians are taken till the 16,000ft above the sea level.

Where is Siachen Glacier?

Siachen Glacier is a glacier in the Karakoram Range of Himalayas. Its proximity to the Line of Control between India and Pakistan is the reason for it being a war field. It is the Indian military operation called Operation Meghadoot which preserved Siachen Glacier territory for India. Now the whole region along with a few mountain passes in Saltoro Ridge is controlled by the Indian Army. The west of Saltoro ridge comes under Pakistan.

When is Siachen Glacier Trek?

The 13-day trek is conducted in September-October 2016. The hike is from Siachen Base Camp to Kumar Post. The whole expedition takes place for 1-month which includes acclimatisation (a process to adjust to extreme environmental conditions), training and medical check up. However, only those who clear the medical check up are allowed to take part in this trek.


Siachen Glacier as seen from Nubra Valley
Photo Courtesy: rv

The 45 participants are chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis and July 20th is the last date for applying for Siachen Glacier Trek. Those who are interested should fill an application form and send it HQ Northern High Command, Indian Army.

The entire trek route is 60km at the height of 12,000 ft to 16,000 ft. Since the Army men accompany, it is considerably safe. In fact, there has been no firing or war between the army outposts from a long time. The members of this trek are given proper training and guidelines before beginning the trek.

Those who are interested can try your luck!

Happy Adventure!

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