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Travel Essentials You Don't Leave Home Without

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The internet is abound with articles providing their own lists of 'essential' stuff to carry with you on your travels. Native planet brings to a no-frills list of bare minimum necessities (no computers, tablets and headphones) required to travel in peace.

Travel essentials you don't leave home without

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Medical Kit - Let's face it. Not all places you will be going to will have medical facilities until and unless you are off on a tried and tested family vacation. Ready-made kits are available in the market or else you can make your own containing basic first-aid like antiseptic cream, diarhorrea and fever tablets, cream for burns, aspirin, band-aids and hand sanitizers.

Small bag - It would be a pain to carry your luggage or backpack with you everywhere so having a small canvas bag with you might be handy for keeping things that you need on the go.

Mosquito repellent - Add a small spray to your sack or a cream to keep yourself safe from the mosquito menace in places where you might not have access to other repellents.

Ear plugs - Travelling is all about meet new people and seeing new places but sometimes during your journey you might just want a little bit of time to yourself. This wil be the time to bring out your ear plugs and shut out the world.

Tissues - For all the places where you might not have access to water.

Head torch - A head torch rather than an ordinary torch is most useful , especially in a country like India, where you never know when the next electricity outage is round the corner. 

Small padlock - Whether you are travelling by air, train or bus, a padlock would ensure basic safety of your luggage.

Rope - An impromptu washing line or an essential to tie up something, few metres of rope should always make it to your travel bag.

Spork - For the uninitiated. that will be a spoon plus a fork and you get a spork. Multi-purpose and a handy companion for eating anything while on the move don't forget to add one to your bag.

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