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Top Unexplored Places Near Bengaluru For Weekend Exploration

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Bengaluru, earlier called as Bangalore, is known for its innumerous tourist attractions. Some of the places you can visit in the city are the Bangalore Palace, Kempfort Shiva Temple, Lal Bagh and Tipu Sultan Fort among the rest. There are many picnic spots near Bengaluru that can unexplored, and worth a visit.

Let's see some of these unexplored places near Bengaluru that you can easily visit over a weekend.


Distance: 487km

Meghamalai or Megamalai is an ideal place to visit from Bengaluru over a long weekend. Also known as the High Wavy Mountains, this beautiful destination is located in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu. Carpeted with cardamom and tea plantations, this place emanates a fresh feel with its lush greenery.


Manalaru Dam at Meghamalai
Photo Courtesy: Mprabaharan 

Away from the buzz of the city, this is a silent and calm destination that you should visit and explore. The wildlife here is another reason you would want to visit Meghamala. The wildlife here include Great Indian hornbill, Grizzled giant squirrel, Salim Ali's fruit bat and Hutton's pitviper.


Distance: 457km

Valparai, fondly called the 7th Heaven, is located in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. With the hypotising views of the Anaimalai hillranges at the Western Ghats, the place is known for its vast expanses of forested areas and tea estates.


Tea plantations at Valparai
Photo Courtesy: Thangaraj Kumaravel 

Some of the attractions you can explore here are Chinnakalar Falls, Grass Hills, Sholayar and the Ganapati Temple.

Alamparai Fort

Distance: 372km

The ruins of Alamparai Fort is located near Kadappakkam village which is around 50km from Mahabalipuam of Tamil Nadu. Built during the Mughal era, this fort was once given to a French commander Duplex in return of his help. Later, in 1760, the British defeated the French and thus destroyed the fort too into ruins.

ruins of the fort

Ruins of the fort
Photo Courtesy: Djoemanoj 

You can reach here if you take the East Coast road. It is located around 100km from Chennai, and 50km from Puducherry. The fort covers an area of 15 acres and is built in bricks and limestone. The fishermen here guide the tourists in taking a boating tour around the fort.


Distance: 131km

Karighatta is an unexplored trekking destination near Bengaluru. The name Karighatta means 'Black Hill' in Kannada. This beautiful hill is an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers, trekkers and bird watchers.


Karighatta hill
Photo Courtesy: Nagesh Kamath 

Some of the prime attractions here are Karigirivasa temple and Lokapavani river. The place is located just before Srirangapatna, when you drive from Bengaluru via Mysore road.

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