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5 Top Haunted Places in Chennai

Written By: Akshatha

It doesn't matter whether you are a daredevil or not, haunted places have the capacity to drive up a wrong way! Only thing is some get affected and some recover fast. There have been many reports that ghosts do exists, and surely we have several places where paranormal activities happen now and then! In this article, let us get to know some top haunted places in Chennai and their mysterious stories.

Broken Beidge

Broken Bridge
Photo Courtesy: PlaneMad

Broken Bridge 

A Bridge was built over Adyar River to help the fishermen to move easily between Santhome Beach to Eliot's beach. In the year 1977, the bridge broke due to the flooding river and from then on has become one of the hangout places in Chennai. Not just that it is home to some ghosts who enjoy the scenic views of Chennai at night!

Karikattu Kuppam

Who can forget 2004 Tsunami which massacred thousands of people? Though many regions recovered slowly, it is Karikattu Kuppam that stands testimony to those horrific times. Worn out buildings, abandoned stores and ragged houses give it a spooky look. Some sources say that spirits of people who died in Tsunami are seen wandering in this locality. Hence, Karikattu Kuppam is one of the top haunted destinations in Chennai.

Top Haunted Places in Chennai

De Monte Colony

De Monte Colony

Watchmen and pets go missing after they enter De Monte Colony. It is not just one house but a deserted colony. Once a person name John De Monte lived here with his family. It is believed that his spirit wanders around this colony making it impossible to be inhabited again.

Top Haunted Places in Chennai

Banyan Tree - Related Picture
Photo Courtesy: Balaram Mahalder

Theosophical Society

A big banyan tree with all the aerial roots must be exciting for a nature lover! Yeah, apart from being a nature lover, you better be a daredevil! Well, some have heard screaming noises around the garden of Theosophical Society in Chennai. The Banyan Tree which attracts so many is said to be haunted at night.

Valmiki Nagar

Haven't we heard of people and their love for their houses? Here a girl can't just let go of her house even after her death. Yes, we are talking about a haunted house in Valmiki Nagar, Chennai. It is said that the owner's daughter was very fond of this house. Even to this day, she is hospitable for those who go near the house at night. She opens the door and makes you feel welcome.

Give some work for the nerves and explore these haunted destinations in Chennai for an adventurous experience!

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