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Top five highway travel tips

Written By: Brunda

"My way or the highway" does not work while travelling on highways. Driving on a highway is a great fun and a stress-buster to a lot of us provided we do not cause nuisance to other drivers as well. Traffic rules, who cares? I just want to enjoy driving and that's why I am on a highway, why should I justify it to anybody else?

Drive safe and let others drive as well; isn't that a great idea? Drive with us to know the top five highway travel tips


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Maintain lane discipline

Highways are not playgrounds; I indicate left and even without checking for the other drivers, I can turn. Nope, that's not right. Wait, till you get a freeway and then steer to left. Others love to breathe as well!

Wing mirror

Image Courtesy : Eysteinn Guðni Guðnason

It's only my reflection I love to see

Never close your wing mirror just because you cannot handle reflections from the other vehicles. Try and raise your window to the level of the wing mirror to protect your eyes from unwanted reflections while you enjoy a safe drive.


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Rear-view mirror hurts as well

Study the specifications of your vehicle before you hit the highway. Rear view mirrors come with a super-cool feature of avoiding reflections when you hit the highway; a notch on the rear view mirror with the option of toggling between the highway and city limits comes handy.

It's an emergency; my vehicle is acting up on me

Turn on your parking lights to indicate if your vehicle has an issue; when you drive slow with the parking lights on it indicates that there are issues with the vehicle and in case you zoom your vehicle; it is to indicate that you have an emergency- such a cool thing right?

Rear view mirror

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My car looks beautiful when illuminated

Not everything looks nice when lighted. Fog lights on the car are made for a purpose; turning it on during a rainy day when you are clearly able to see the tail lights of the vehicle in front of you is not a wise thing; really foggy - then fog lights are a must but not during drizzle or a light shower.

We have gone ahead and listed the top five highway travel tips and for those amazing drivers; we leave the door open to leave something on our comments section!

Happy highway travelling :)

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