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Tips to Travel to Rural India

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The rural areas or the countryside in India has some of the best unexplored places that a traveller seeks for. From reaching these places that are mostly in the villages, commuting within the region takes a lot of patience and flexibility. You may have to travel on bullock carts or walk a long distance in the scorching heat to reach a lesser known place in India.

Travel to these rural areas can be handled better if you take care of a few things and be prepared well for the journey. Let us have a look at some of the tips to follow while travelling to the rural India.

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1. "No cards, please!"

Most of the outlets or shops in rural India do not accept debit/credit cards. Do ensure that you carry enough cash for all the transactions required.

2. "Pronounce it right."

Many of the names of the places and other attractions in India can be tongue twisters t. Unlike metro-cities, the residents of villages may not understand if you wrongly pronounce these places, and in worse cases, you may even end up saying something that is totally out of place! Hence, make sure you know the right pronunciation of the necessary words you may need through your journey.

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3. Keep yourself hygienic and hydrated

When some parts of rural India are dry and dusty, some of them are hot and humid. Depending on the place and the weather, there are chances that you may fall ill due to the change in weather. . Ensure that you carry enough water with you, as several villages may not have any other source of water other than the public taps installed by the government and wells which may not be a feasible option always. Carry a hand sanitiser with you, as you may not always have the luxury to wash your hands when needed.

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4. Check for stay options well in advance

In metro cities, finding a hotel or a homestay may be easy. It is not so in Indian villages. Ensure that you have a place to rest, get fresh and sleep, not too far from the village you are travelling to. Some villages offer homestays, which need to be booked well in advance.

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5. Don't Trust Everyone

Not all are trustworthy, hence be cautious when you are in a new place. As you indulge in sightseeing and have a great experience, be sure that you are safe and secure. It would be good if you can hire an authorised guide to help make your journey easier, especially if you're new to the place and their language.

Though travelling to rural India has its risks, it is in these places that you can find the soul of the nation, the real untouched beauty of nature. Travel and explore the real India!

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