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10 Foolproof Tips for Adventure Travel

Posted By: Akshatha Vinayak

Sometimes planning and working out a trip seems like an adventure amidst the tight work schedules! All we need is one or two days free time to do a quick escapade. Even then not all tours turn out the way we expect, but it depends on the way handle situations. Remember it is not just the adventure activities that can be called as adventurous but even a small trip might turn out to be a thrilling one!

Tips for Adventure Travel

Photo Courtesy: Vinayak Shankar Rao

However, these simple tips will be helpful for you adventure travel!

Play to your strengths

You should know your fitness levels and phobias, etc. For example, there is no point in going for an advanced level trek when you have hardly ever done it. So, know your strengths and weaknesses before planning. If you are a beginner, try a trek which is easier for your level. Though many adventures don't need extreme fitness levels, it is good to play safe.

Carry Important Documents

Personal documents like ID cards, passport (outside country), debit cards, Driving License, etc. are necessary things for any trips. Especially, if you are travelling outside the country then better scan a few copies of the originals and give to your dear ones back home.

Tips for Adventure Travel

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Pack Light

Most of us tend to pack a truckload of luggage and this is not at all helpful. Especially for camping and trekking expeditions, we need to carry light luggage with necessary items. If it is a long trip, find out about the laundry services in the hotels where you have booked. You don't have to pack for every single day of the voyage.

Research Well

You need to know a bit of the place beforehand. It is quite possible that there will be several social and cultural differences in other places. Good research helps a great deal on the trips.

You are a Guest!

'In Rome, do as the Romans do', this aptly summarises that be flexible and follow the locals. It is nice to mingle and learn about the local traditions. At the same time, don't forget that you are a guest and always respect other cultures.

Tips for Adventure Travel

Photo Courtesy: nneel

Carry Cash

There is no guarantee of finding an ATM in remote areas. They might not accept debit or credit cards at some places. It is good to carry enough cash while travelling. Of course, beware of pickpocketers; hide some money inside your bag or have another wallet in case of some emergencies or thefts.

Obtain Permission

Not all areas are open to public; don't neglect the safety guidelines. Don't enter a wildlife reserve or a trek route without taking permission from the respective officials. Being safe should be of high priority.

Record Your Journey

Make a write up of your experiences of the travel. It is always good to read and look through the photographs remembering the awesome journey you had. Never forget to document such trips. It is a treasure.

Carry All Necessary Items

Waterbottles, instant food packets, biscuits, chocolates, torch, maps, waterproof jackets, etc. are the must carry items for all trips.

Tips for Adventure Travel

Photo Courtesy: Harsha K R

Women Travellers

Often, women travellers face safety issues. So it is better to carry a pepper spray (might come handy), book the hotels and taxis beforehand, keep the emergency contact numbers. Make sure to be safe.

Do follow these tips before you go for kicking-off on an adventure travel!

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