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Paradise for Children - “PARKS”

Written By: Brunda Nagaraj

With the growing technology, we hardly get to see kids playing on the street these days or having fun with friends. Despite being addicted to a lot of electronic gadgets, their hearts still crave to go out to get some fresh air, make new friends build a sand castle and have loads of fun. Stop by to ask a kid where he / she wants to go; the answer most of the times will certainly be, "Come let's go to the Park".

Why don't you take a peek at some of the famous parks in Bangalore and surprise your kids this weekend?

Lal Bagh

Image Courtesy : Brunda Nagaraj

Mini Forest
Located in JP Nagar, this place is an amazing beauty in itself. Amidst the city, a "Mini Forest", is completely an amazing feeling. With the morning showers, the aroma of the earth will never fail to entice the soul if you decide to take a walk in this park. You may be able to spot a lot of birds like Asian Paradise Fly Catchers, Humming Birds, Parakeets and Sun Birds if you look around carefully. Maintained by the forest department, this place gives you a feeling of being in the middle of the jungle inside a busy city.

Bugle Rock
A beautiful park with natural rock formations located in the busy streets of Basavanagudi is a must-visit one for everyone. With giant toys and a lot of eat-outs in and around the park makes it a perfect evening hang-out with your kids. If you are fitness freak, take a stroll around the park and you will see a lot of people exercising which will remind you of a scene from the Jackie Chan's famous movie, The Karate Kid. This park also has two of the major attractions of Bangalore city.; the Bull temple and the Doddaganesha temple. If you are looking out for some time to relax, then this is the place. You have ample space around to park your vehicles and great variety of food outlets to titillate your taste-buds and also a great street to shop.

Lal Bagh

Image Courtesy : Brunda Nagaraj

Lal Bagh
One of the most known parks in Bangalore, this is an all time hang-out place for kids. This place takes you to a movie land with the beautiful stretch of trees and colorful flowers. Mostly, these days Lal Bagh is a favourite place for a lot of running enthusiasts and the glass house is a major attraction in Lal Bagh. The sight of pigeons, colorful butterflies and a small lake makes it an amazing place. If you are looking out to have a gala time with your kids and some lovely photographs, Lal Bagh is a must-visit.

Why ask your kids to stay back at home when they have some amazing options to let themselves free :)

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