» »Top 3 List of Caves in Madhya Pradesh for Every Traveller to Visit

Top 3 List of Caves in Madhya Pradesh for Every Traveller to Visit

By Brunda Nagaraj

Every time as kids, while we watched "The Jungle Book" a thought of exploring and being in caves would have been one of the greatest desire to most of us. The curiosity of being in an unknown place is interesting and equally challenging. Weekends come and finding out the next travel destination is something we would all be looking out for, isn't it? There are a lot of caves to be explored in Madhya-Pradesh with great history too.


Image Courtesy : Marjolein Katsma

It's time to explore some beautiful caverns and write their memories in your travel journals.


A beautiful hill-station located in the district of Hoshangabad in Madhya-Pradesh. It is believed that these caves were built by the five Pandavas of Mahabharata during their fourteen years of exile period. There are different dates linking to the existence of these caves but the ambiguity still remains. A beautiful garden awaits you in the entrance of the cave; these caves are very attractive despite being roughly carved. Legend says that the five caves belonged to the five brothers and Draupadi's cave is the most beautiful and a spacious one among all the other caves.

Bandhavgarh ancient caves

With 39 caves on the same hill, Bandhavgarh caves is one of the ancient caves and dates back to 1st century AD. Inscriptions written in Brahmi language can be spotted in some of the caves; most of the caves now is a shelter for a lot of wildlife. This fort has a great history, Bandhav meaning Brother and Garh refers to brother and this place has been ruled by a lot of dynasties which are evident by the inscriptions available.

Jata Shankar caves

A shelter for Lord Shiva once when he wanted to escape from the clutches of the demon Bhasmasur. These are naturally formed caves with steps; one has to climb the steps to seek the Lord's blessings. With the lovely symbols being engraved on the rocks this place takes you back in time and leaves you in a state of reverie. This is a must visit and needs to be added to your bucket list. A deadly combo of divinity and adventure awaits us all at Jata Shankar caves.

We have done our bit; it is now your turn to pack your baggage and start your journey towards exploring caves!

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