» »Back in Time: Exploring Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanamakonda

Back in Time: Exploring Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanamakonda

By Akshatha Vinayak

India is full of architectural heritage and we will get as many as we explore. The Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanmakonda is one such heritage that takes us back in time. This age-old temple is located in a place named Hanamakond around 8km from Warangal. The Thousand Pillar Temple is also called as Rudreshwara Swamy Temple.

Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanamakonda

Thousand Pillar Temple
PC: Devadaskrishnan

History of Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanamakonda

The Thousand Pillar Temple is said to be built during the time of the King Rudra Deva. It is also said that many other temples were constructed his patronage between the years 1175 - 1324 CE. No doubt, the Thousand Pillar Temple is one of the architectural marvels of this period.

Architecture of Thousand Pillar Temple

The design of Rudreshwara Swamy Temple itself is unique and commendable. It is constructed in a star shape and there are 1000 pillars in the temple. These pillars are built so perfectly that none of them destruct the view of the God from any direction. The Thousand Pillar Temple has several shrines and lingams surrounding it.

Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanamakonda

Temple Pond
PC: NAGA3019

Interestingly, it is not just dedicated to one god. The inner sanctum which is called as Trikutalayam has three Gods Shiva, Vishnu and Surya. There is also a Nandi statue facing the Shiva Lingam. One can also see intricate carvings and sculptures of animals like elephants on the walls of the temple.

Unfortunately, the temple was partially destroyed by the attack led by Tughlaq Dynasty. However, it has been revamped by Archaeological Survey of India in the year 2004. Much of the old temple has been restored by giving it additional facilities for the benefit of the visitors.

How to Reach Hanamakonda

Hanamakonda is located around 8km from the city of Warangal. The Thousand Pillar Temple is situated on Hanamakonda- Warangal Highway in Telangana.

Visitors can easily reach Warangal as it is well-connected to other cities of Telangana and Hyderabad. Further you can explore the Thousand Pillar Temple.

Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanamakonda

PC: Warangalite

Tourist Places in Warangal

The city of Warangal has many historical places to explore. Warangal Fort, Ramappa Temple, Laknavaram Cheruvu, Kakatiya Musical Garden, Pakhal Lake, ISKCON Warangal Temple are some of the top tourist places in Warangal.

So, don't miss out on visiting this beautiful marvel of Thousand Pillar Temple in Hanamakonda. It is one of the architectural legacies of Kakatiya Dynasty. No doubt, it is one of the unique temples in Telangana.

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