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Things You Should Never Do in India

By Siji

India is one of the countries that treats guests as God. When you travel to India, you can be sure of being pampered here, with their hospitality and courteous nature. However, there are some things you should know about India, so that you can have a better travel experience in this cultural land.

Let us see what all need to be taken care of, and how to prepare yourself while travelling to India. Here are some things you should never do in India.

rural india

PC: Nupur Das Gupta

1. Getting into a religious conversation
Try not to get into any sensitive topics of discussion specially about religions.. Though India is considered secular, the religious views of each individual differs and may lead to controversies. .

2. Wearing shoes inside the temples
When you visit a temple or any other sacred site in India, please don't forget to keep your shoes/footwear outside the place. Bringing your footwear inside a house is also not accepted in India.


PC: Abhijit Kar Gupta

3. Wearing skimpy clothes
India is a place that has places from ultra-modern cities to totally rural areas. When you visit places like villages or other rural areas in India, make sure you don't wear skimpy or tight clothes. Wearing such revealing clothes may draw unwanted attention.

4. Using left hand to eat
Though there are left handers in India, eating with left hand is not encouraged here. Hence, try to use your right hand to eat and for anything auspicious as the left hand is not considered 'sacred' .

Rural India

PC: Poi Apeles

5. Public display of affection
India values its tradition and ethical values. Showing affection is taken as an offence . Though some places have come out of this conservative mindset, there still are places that don't encourage even holding your partner's hand in public.

6. Pointing feet at people
Feet is generally considered at the least important body part. Thus, pointing your feet at someone or stamping them is considered disrespectful. Pointing fingers towards one is also considered wrong in India.

These are just general tips to make your travel a fun in this beautiful country! Every country has their beliefs and so does India, however, travelling to this country is an amazing experience in itself. Happy Travelling!

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