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Things To Do On Your First Trip To Manipur

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Who doesn't want to explore the nooks of the Northeast? We haven't found a single person who has a rather different opinion. While there are many places, cities, towns and cultures to explore, we are crushing hard on Manipur for this article. Manipur is fancied by many people all over the country. It is not just the rest of the country, but people from all over the globe want to explore this part of the world at least once. The culture, the food, the humble people and the green valleys are certainly a treat to the eyes. But for this piece, we have become quite specific and list down the 5 must-do things once you arrive in Manipur.

Visit The Mesmerising Loktak Lake

Loktak lake

PC: Sudiptorana

The first is the least-talked-about place on the list but still offers the most. This lake is not just your regular lake. This one is nature's marvel. Yes, you heard us. The beautiful lake features circular weed rings that are magnificent to look at. The lake holds a breathtaking view. This is something you probably have never come across.

It is so beautiful that people have now even started constructing bamboo lodges around just to gain tourist attraction in the area. The lake is still unscathed and untouched from commercialisation just like most of the Northeast.
The lake is about 50 km from the main Imphal city. There is no direct route to reach the lake through a public vehicle. You'll have to hire a taxi service or take a sharing cab to get to the lake.

Explore Imphal Valley

The best part about going to Imphal Valley is that you can cover Loktak Lake as well. Imphal Valley is an oval-shaped canyon formed because of the neighbouring rivers uniting at one place. The valley is vast and stretched over acres covering chains of rivers. The southern side of the river offers breathtaking scenery that encompasses lush green rows of trees, picturesque lakes and swamps; if you're lucky you'll discover species of some beautiful flowers here.

The valley is quite the popular tourist attraction. There are many highlights in the valley that lure tourists over here. The best part about the valley is the drive-through. The drive in this valley offers scenic views and Instagram-worthy photographs. This is one of the must-check-outs for all the people who have been to Imphal.

Hire a cab service to reach the valley and take it ahead till Loktak Lake.

Shop And Hop At Ima Keithel Women's Market

Do you know where people from Northeast get all those beautiful fabrics and clothes? It's from here! Yes, on your first trip, even if you are not much of a shopping person, you'll love the way this market is set up. Believe us it will be an adventure of its own kind. You'll be surprised to see how a state from the same country can be so different in so many ways. The market is run predominantly by women.

You can find varied items to buy in this market, from fabrics to dresses to cheap vegetables and fruits to handicrafts, you can check out how beautifully each of the items has been kept. The market has a very Manipuri element; even the buildings have Manipuri motifs.

The best part about the market is its snack shops. If you get tired of all the shopping and exploring, it's snack time! See how all things have been taken care of in the land of Manipuris?

Pave Your Way To Kangla Fort

Kangla Fort of Manipur

PC: Meghroddur

After your first day of exploring the valleys and the market, keep your second day for some good hours of hiking. Because next on the list is Kangla Fort. The best way to discover a place is to explore its heritage and monuments. Even if you are not a history buff, you'll just appreciate the beauty of its construction.

The magnificent fort stands tall in the lush green valley giving its visitor a beautiful landscape for perfect selfies and photographs. It is a photographers' paradise. The fort used to be the capital of King Meitei. This was once the central place of Manipur and now it has become a tourist attraction.

The fort used to be even spectacular but during the British Raj, many monuments were destroyed and now it has been turned into a historic site with only a few temples remaining around the fort.

Admire Beautiful Art At Three Mothers Art Gallery

Post your adrenaline rush and a good nap, you may want to explore the artistic side of this place. Three Mothers Art Gallery is hard to find but once you get here, you'll know how worthy it is. You will definitely be surprised by the amount of hard work that has been put in in every sculpture in this gallery.

From life-size dragons to god idols, you'll find magnificent pieces of artwork here. If you are an artist or love to explore different artwork, you'll fall in love with this beautiful quaint art gallery instantly. If you're lucky, you may end up meeting the artist as well.

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