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9 Things Not To Do at Parks

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City Parks are the favourite hangout spots everywhere. People just love to spend some quality time at these parks. People doing exercises, joggers, children playing in the play area, parents watching over the kids, lovers having a gala time and old-aged people at laughing clubs, etc. are the common sights in every parks across the globe. We are familiar about the rules and regulations but we tend to disregard it. Come on! It's now time to see some of the things not to do at parks.

Things Not To Do at Parks

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Littering the Park!

Please use dustbins to throw the juice cans or any trash in the park. It is necessary to keep it clean as we go there to build our health and relax. So, will it be healthy to walk in a dirty ambience? No, it is not and please don't litter the place.

Things Not To Do at Parks

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Walk on the Lawns

Despite the board with a warning,"Do not walk on the Lawns"is placed every 100 steps in the park we disregard it conveniently. Neatly mowed lawns are made to beautify the surroundings. It is not good to spoil it or walking on it. It's nice to sometimes follow the regulations laid out by the authorities.

Things Not To Do at Parks

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Unleash Your Pets

Yes, dogs get excited when they see the open space but be careful before you unleash them. It is better to take them to off-leash dog parks instead of the regular ones. Not that your pets might harm anyone but they might create problems for the other visitors who may be scared of animals.

Leave the Pet-Poop!

It is not hygienic to leave your pet poop on a walking tract or lawns at parks. Please clear it immediately. You can also try the pet poop waste bags to help yourself out!

Things Not To Do at Parks

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Lots of PDA (Public Display of Affection)

Well, this is personal and no one can tell you what to do or what not to do! However, try not to embarrass other visitors of the park. Yes, parks are called as 'lovers' paradise' but that doesn't mean you should make others uncomfortable. Remember, even kids will be around and it is not a happening sight for them to see you in an awkward way!

Things Not To Do at Parks

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Carving on the Tree

It is our duty to protect the plants and trees. Carving on a tree trunk or peeling the tree skin is not a good thing. You are hurting the plant life as well as destroying the heritage of the park. So, don't carve names or any other thing on the trees.

Damaging the Property

We think it is okay to rough-use the public property but it is not a characteristic of a good citizen. Don't damage any public property like park benches, kids play area or any other things at the park. If it happens by an accident then pay for the damages instead of escaping from there.

Things Not To Do at Parks

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Adults Playing in the Kids Area

This is probably a funny thing but we have all seen it. Adults trying the swing which can only take the weight of a 10-year old! Children area is for kids and all games are made to support their weight. So, stop the kid in you from making any further damage. Adults playing in the kids area is one of the things you shouldn't do in parks.

Smoking and Boozing!

Parks are the places to feel rejuvenated. We go their to build good health but not to destroy the health. Please do not smoke or drink alcohol at parks. There might be sick people visiting the park and they might get affected by the smoke if they are near you. So, avoid any nuisance at parks. It is definitely one of the things not to do in parks.

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips of things not to do in parks. Please add if there are any more suggestions. Leave your feedbacks.

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