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The Most Fashionable Cities In India

India has its own New York, Paris & Milan spread across its different states. Yes, you guessed it right. We are going to talk about the most fashionable cities in the country. You must have guessed from the title itself but anyway, take out your pencils and pads and start taking notes. India is a land of diverse culture and every culture has its own designated ethnic dress. If you scale all the states in the country, you'll be surprised to see how versatile our fashion is. From Kerala's white and golden sarees to Rajasthan's Bandhej print, India boasts about its ever-glowing and ever-colourful fashion.

Despite the fact that we have such rich cultural roots that cover fashion, today, we are going to talk about the mainstream fashion. The below states listed have shown some of the spectacular everyday wears over the last 5 years. The street fashion, the festive fashion, the bridal fashion, these states have time and again come up with the brilliance of wardrobe elements. It's not just the fashion weeks or the markets, but the people on the street are ruling the fashion here. So let's start.

1. Shillong & Imphal

Topping the list are two of the northeastern sisters. Yes! You read that right. No New Delhi or Mumbai. It's the Northeast. Over the years, New Delhi and Mumbai have faded, lost touch with their fashion but Northeast has always stayed intact. The fashion of people from these two cities is bang on.

From athleisure to high street fashion to accessories, the people from these two cities have experimented well and it has worked for them. We can definitely learn some fashion lessons from these two cities. The most important element of their fashion is the use of the basics.

They use basics as their chief elements and put together their entire wardrobe accordingly, which gives them enough space to go above and beyond. Definitely, New Delhi and Mumbai have much to learn from them.

2. New Delhi

What an obvious listing! But hey! We can't really miss New Delhi. It's the city where fashion originated. It sets the trends and the colour of the year. The party in Mumbai may or may not be the talk of the town but a wedding in New Delhi is always known for its fair share of wardrobes and styles.

Even a generic Friday night looks like a red carpet event, so how can we not cover New Delhi? In case you follow the subtle touch of life and style, New Delhi style is not for you because New Delhi fashion is very costum-ised. From high heels to retro fashion to enjoying a game in stylish pyjamas, this city has given fashion a new dimension.

People in Delhi love fashion and fashion loves them right back. The fashion shows here are worshipped by many and the fashion events are a must-go-to. You'll hardly find a girl without heels on a Saturday night. In a gist, fashion in Delhi is a big deal. Not to mention the line of ever-growing flea markets that showcase the best outfits in the cheapest price available. This makes carrying of different styles much easier.

3. Mumbai

fashionable cities of india

When it comes to Mumbai, the fashion on the streets is subtle and mellow. If you think New Delhi is loud, you'll fall in love with Mumbai. Mumbai folks follow their own sense of fashion. They are not much about the trends and the hype but they do believe in looking good. The natural make-up, loose pants, neutral colours and flats... in a way, Mumbai is very artistic in its style.

The street fashion is bang on. The fashion shows, the streets and fashion events are filled with people who prefer a quaint and mellow touch to their wardrobe rather than loud and heavy motifs.

4. Pune

Pune fashion is student-inspired. It is what a teenager would love. The emo fashion, ripped jeans, monochrome shades and kicks are the favourites of the city. You'll observe that Pune has more of a hipster style as compared to New Delhi and Mumbai. It ranks somewhere in between the fashion scale of Mumbai and Bangalore.

You'll find everything new here. Because Pune crowd, being hipster, believe in trying things when they are new and leaving the trends to other cities. The everyday fashion in this city is still young, lively and animated.

5. Bangalore

Last but not least comes the quaint Bangalore. Bangalore folks are calm and composed in their outlook and so is their fashion. You'll find people with mellow wardrobes. Much like Mumbai but even more subtle and stylish... the flats, cotton kurtas with South Indian motifs, mystical accessories and everything quaint.

If Bangalore fashion were to be music, it would a guitar on a rainy day. It's quirky, flavoured and has hints of brilliance. If you are looking for something not too jazzy, then Bangalore is your place.

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