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» »The Haunted And Mysterious Temples Of Rajasthan - Kiradu

The Haunted And Mysterious Temples Of Rajasthan - Kiradu

Written By: Vineeth Mohan

From the curse on Pune's famous Shaniwarwada to the haunting tales of Bhangarh fort, every ancient religious or historical monument in India would have a reference to some scary fables or euphoric tales. The Haunted Temples of Rajasthan - Kiradu has a similar story to croon, that of a curse which is so powerful that no one has dared to try the otherwise!

Located 35 km from Barmer, in the deserted land of Thar lies these five temples where no one dares to stay overnight! Let's see what makes these temples with impressive sculptures and erotic architecture a nightmare to many. Why don't we take a tour of this Haunted Temples Of Kiradu?

Haunted Temples of Rajasthan

Someshwara Temple in Kiradu 
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The Khajuraho of Rajasthan!

Often called as 'The Khajuraho of Rajasthan ' due to it's erotic architecture, these temples are built using the Solanki style. There are five temples in all and most remarkable of them is the Someshwara Temple. According to the history, the Kiradu was originally known as Kiradkot, which was ruled by the Kirad clan of Rajputs, back in 6th century.

The wrath of a Sage !

The local legend is that King Someshwar of the Parmar dynasty, who ruled Kiradu in the 12th century, invited a great sage in order to restore the safety and prosperity of the region after the Parmar - Turushkas war. The sage was accompanied by his disciple, whom he left behind for the sake of the kingdom. Once the Kingdom regained it's prosperity , they neglected the disciple who fell ill afterwards. None except a potter's wife came to his aid. When the sage returned , he got enraged hearing what happened.

Haunted Temples of Rajasthan

A temple in Kiradu

The legend is that he cursed the entire Kingdom, saying "A place which has no humanity, must not be burdened with humankind". He cursed the entire Kingdom to turn into stone, except the potter's wife, who he spared because of her service to his ailing disciple. The sage ordered her to leave the Kingdom before evening and asked her not to turnover. Out of curiosity she turned to take one last look at her home town and was instantly turned to a stone. Her statue is still visible in the outskirts of the town.

Awe-inspiring architecture, intricate designs and a peaceful ambience  gives this place a tempting vibe. But as one of the localite quoted as saying, ' These are temple ruins which you can go and see. But don't stay there till the sunset as the ghosts would come once the shadows fade!' Each day, after sunset, the entire Kiradu area is deserted of any human presence. So, looking forward to a date with a ghost in these Haunted Temples of Rajasthan ? Not recommended if you have a weak heart!

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