» »The Agasthyar Falls in Tamil Nadu- A pious Pilgrim centre

The Agasthyar Falls in Tamil Nadu- A pious Pilgrim centre

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Let's travel to this serene and pious waterfalls of Tamil Nadu, the prepossessing Agasthyar Falls. Agasthyar falls or Papanasam falls is located close to Papanasam in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The falls is a prominent tourist destination in Tamil Nadu and is usually frequented by devotees of the Papanasanathar temple and Sabarimala.

Located in the Western Ghats, Agasthyar falls in Tamil Nadu lies on the Thamiraparani river. According to the Hindu legend, it is the place where sage Agasthya got a view of Lord Shiva in his marriage costume. Papanasam means absolution of sins and it is an important pilgrim centre where people take bath in the sacred water to relieve themselves from sins.

Agasthyar Falls

The legend of Agasthyar Falls!

The height of Agasthiyar Falls is 120 metres. The shrine of the saint Agasthiyar is located atop the cascade and it has a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva as well. As per Hindu legend, during the divine wedding of Shiva and Parvathi, there was a heavy crowd at the Kailash Mountains, the abode of Shiva. Sage Agasthya could not view the event and prayed to Shiva at this place to get him a view of the event.

Pleased by his devotion, Shiva appeared to the sage and his wife Lopamundra along with Parvathi in his marriage attire. Shiva made the place his abode and came to be called Papanasanathar and the falls nearby the temple got the name of Agasthiyar as Agasthiyar Falls. The Papanasam Falls are believed to cleanse the sins of those who bathe in the holy waters. 

Agasthyar Falls

Agasthiyar falls- PC: sankaracs

The Kalyana Theertham, a pool of the falls, is at a height of 125 m above the Agasthiyar Falls which supplies water to the Falls. The falls has in it for the adventure enthusiasts as well. The drive through the forest is quite an experience in itself. It also has a 3 km trekking trail which attracts adventure enthusiasts. The place is frequented by animals like Tigers and Panthers, which are frequently spotted in the route from Agasthiyar Falls to Papanasam as both are located close to Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve.

The Papanasam town is a famous picnic spot amongst the locals and the tourists. The Pothigai Hills provide a stunning backdrop to the Agasthiyar Falls. These falls are created by the River Thamiraparani. The best time to visit the Agasthiyar Falls is during the dawn. One can bask in the beauty of the hills surrounding these falls!!

Travel to these falls and bask in the spiritual ambience!!

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