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Temples in India Dedicated to Politicians and Celebrities

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India is known for its culture, heritage, religious values, art, history, tradition, festivals, and so on! The temples in India vary from temples dedicated to each religion to temples where animals, human and even demons are worshipped.

Let's take a look at some temples in India dedicated to politicians and celebrities.

Amitabh Bachchan Temple, Kolkata

The iconic megastar Amitabh Bachchan is worshipped in a temple in Kolkata. Located in South Kolakata, this temple has Amitabh Bachchan's photos, a pair of shoes and portraits along with an idol that is worshipped. Hymns are sung for the God and at the entrance you can even see "Jai Shree Amitabh" written in bold letters.

Sonia Gandhi Temple

Sonia Gandhi Temple in Telangana

Sonia Gandhi Temple, Telangana

As a token of gratitude, a temple has been erected dedicated to Sonia Gandhi, the President of Indian National Congress. The Congress leaders in Telangana built this temple to show their love and devotion for Sonia Gandhi who helped in separating Telangana from Andhra Pradesh. A huge marble statue is installed in the temple, which is being worshipped as Goddess Sonia.

Kushboo Temple, Trichy

A temple was erected by the fans of Tamil actress Kushboo, which was later demolished by protesters as an outrage against a controversial speech. This temple is one of the first temples erected by fans for any Tamil celebrity.

Narendra Modi Temple

Narendra Modi Temple in Gujarat

Narendra Modi Temple, Rajkot

A temple has been erected in a village in Rajkot, dedicated to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The temple took around a year to reach completion and the whole construction was funded by 300 of Modi's admirers.

MGR Temple, Chennai

M.G. Ramachandran is one of the much celebrated Chief Ministers in Tamil Nadu. Being one of the top actors of his times, he had a lot of fans who kept his spirits alive even after his demise. This temple in Chennai is dedicated to this superstar, who was a great inspiration for his followers.

Namitha Temple, Thirunelveli

Namitha is a popular South Indian actress. A temple is erected in her name by her fans in Thirunelveli. After the temple dedicated to Kushboo, Namitha's is the second temple dedicated to a Tamil actress.

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